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Actuare is a leading provider of financial messaging and integration technology and services. Established in 1997, we have a wealth of experience to help pension administrators and investment managers connect to one another efficiently. We are experts at standards such as ISO 20022, ISO 15022, FIX, FpML and SWIFT, and we help to improve the way in which industry works through our participation in a number of industry groups, including the ViaNova Working Group.


Our software products and services offer secure and reliable messaging and integration. They are also highly scalable and flexible to address the needs of different pension administrators and investment managers. Our Interconnect Service further provides an efficient solution to connect to SWIFT enabled participants and service providers.


For more information, please contact Saverio Bongo, Business Development Manager at Actuare – +44 (0)1582 468 000 or view our details at


Altus Business Systems is dedicated to improving the operational efficiency of the financial services industry, and is at the forefront of many of the industry initiatives to create open standards for a better way of working.

Altus provides two ViaNova compliant solutions.  The Altus Investment Gateway (AIG) provides an automated process across all trading methods, from the capture of instructions, validation, approval, release and transmission, to settlement, reconciliation, exception handling and audit trails.


The Altus Funds Gateway (AFG) automates client dealing and reporting services, from receiving and validating instructions, execution and confirmation, to settlement, reconciliation, exception handling, audit trails and holdings management.


With over 30 of the UK’s leading pension administrators and fund providers using our solutions, Altus Business Systems has established itself the market leader in this field.  For more information please contact Howard Finnegan, Sales and Marketing Director at, or download the AIG and AFG product brochures.


Calastone is a financial technology company. Our mission is to support our clients by making markets friction-free. We launched our global transaction network in 2008 providing order routing services for the fund management industry. In short, we connect fund managers with distributors and enable automation and straight through processing (STP).


What makes Calastone unique, is that our clients - using just one connection to our network - can transact with any counterparty using any connectivity type using any message format. Calastone transforms the transaction message to whatever format is preferred by the trading counterparty. There is no need to upgrade existing infrastructure or incur any upfront costs. Operating an entirely open and interoperable network, we support and enable transactions in any and all electronic standards. For more information please do not hesitate to contact Jonathan Willis( or view

Idea Group are financial services and technology consultants with over 20 years experience of helping to create innovative solutions, whilst living up to our vision of "Efficiency  Through Ingenuity". After many years of consulting to the investment management sector, ViaNova represents another initiative where we are using our expertise in bringing groups of industry participants together, analysing the business flows to be addressed, designing the messaging standards to be applied, and then ensuring that this can all be practically applied through the effective use of technology is unparalleled.

We have created messaging gateways specifically designed for use with the ViaNova market practice, which are scaleable all the way up from manual testing to full enterprise implementation. Our tools are flexible enough to connect to any messaging mechanism that firms care to use, and we can also offer SWIFT connectivity on your behalf if required. Perhaps most importantly of all, we can take on all the messaging standards aspects of this process on your behalf, leaving you free to concentrate on your core areas of business.
For more information please do not hesitate to contact Ian Lyall ( or view