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New website launched for ViaNova

The second half of 2016 has seen a significant increase in the amount of activity around the financial services messaging space, and we thought we should reflect this with a well deserved update for the ViaNova website. The original website has been in place since 2013 and has served us well, but we wanted to take this opportunity to reflect the current approach to website design, as well as to introduce some new features to the site. We have collected together the most recent documentation, minutes and press articles, but would invite you to submit your own Thought Leadership pieces, or announcements that are relevant to ViaNova. We were also mindful of earlier discussions regarding which service providers can be used to provide ViaNova solutions, and so have added a specific section which acts as a directory through which options can be identified. Clearly, no recommendations are made in this section, but that might be an area where our previous certification discussions might be reconsidered and reflected over time. There is also a "Members Only" section, which is currently inactive, but has been put in place to allow consideration of whether there are items that should be made available at group member level, rather than to the general public. Most important of all, we want to ensure that this website reflects the views and concerns of the ViaNova community, so we are looking for your feedback around things that should be added, or content that could be improved. We face a few busy months ahead with major market events such as the evolving UK Fund Trading & Settlement project, and the first ISO20022 funds message maintenance for many years, so see this site as an important foundation stone for our community moving forwards. We hope that you like it and look forward to your contributions

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