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ViaNova 5.00 upgraded to new ISO 20022 release

A new version of the ViaNova market practice has been released today! The ViaNova working group, part of the UK Funds Market Practice group, are working hard to make the automation of corporate pensions order processing and reporting even more efficient.

The new version has been produced to allow corporate pensions automators to be ready for the new release of the ISO 20022 messaging standard which will be live from 18th November 2017 on the SWIFT network.

The market practice has been released as two documents - a Business Requirements document which describes how automated order processing and reporting is done in the corporate pensions industry and a message mapping document which shows how the ISO 20022 standard can be used to for electronic messaging in a ViaNova setup.

The working group are meeting once a month preparing for go live date in November.

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